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Organization Structure
Five departments: General Office, Dean's Office, Teaching and Research Center , Information Management Department, and Campus service Department

General Office


 Secretarial affairs including documentation drafting, file management, information publicizing, response to medium and charge;

 Accounting, financial management;

 Contact and general coordination, conference organization, reception, vehicle management;

 Foreign affairs, human resources, party affairs, labor union, the communist youth league, women's union.

Director: Shen Yi

Tel: (86)592 2577777

Dean's Office


 establishing training schedule, organizing training resource, executing training programs, managing training records, and evaluating training results;

 drafting annual training plan, cooperate with Teaching and Research Center to design the training proposal and develop course and texts;

 Marketing including exploring training market and communicating with customers.

Director: Huang Jingjing

Tel: (86)592 2578166

Teaching and Research Center


 Training teachers; developing training courses and responsible for quality control of courses;

 Establishing databases of teachers, teaching materials, and cases;

 Performing academic research; engaging in consultation and academic exchange.

Director: Cai Jianhui

Tel: (86)592 2578203

Information Management Department


 Responsible for the administration, technology management, technical support and development, daily maintenance work related to information and network of the whole institute ;

Director: Yan Huqh

Tel: (86)592 2578398

Campus Service Department


 Property management;

 Services material sourcing and supplying;

 Responsible for the security, fire control and transportation facility of the institute.

 Supervision and inspection of cleaning, room service, cafeteria service, security and vehicles;

Director: Li Jinxi

Tel: (86)592 2578500

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