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MPAcc Program
Authorized by the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, XNAI has jointly run the MPAcc program with Xiamen University . With the combination of the advantages of Xiamen University and XNAI, this program is dedicated to bring up senior practice-oriented accounting professionals with the strong problem-solving capability and potential of leadership, thus cultivating the first-class internationalized, market-oriented, pioneering, innovative CFO and CPA. Since the first enrollment in 2005 till the first half year of 2008, this program has had the enrollment of 597 students and 87 graduates and won good social reputation with its outstanding teaching quality.


Focusing on accounting practice, Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) targets at senior professional accountants with the following quality: awareness of law and regulations, good professional ethics, a systematical understanding of modern accounting, a good ability of solving problems, and a potential for management. MPAcc programs are offered in three fields: CFOs, CPAs and the senior professionals of public finance and government accounting.


Compared with the ordinary degrees of accounting, MPAcc program pays special attentions to its education contents, training methods and standards of quality. MPAcc program focuses mainly on academism and professionalism, with its courses combining theory and practice, Chinese traditions and international customs, current conditions and future prospects.
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